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About ATKADA Ghana

ATKADA Company Limited was incorporated in 2011 with Construction, Mining, Real Estate and General Merchantship as its business concerns. Atkada has undertaken activities under the stated business concerns especially in the areas of construction of roads; supply of gravels, stones, and sand for road construction and the building industry.

It has sold several hundreds of acres of land to institutions and individuals who are securely developing in peace. It has hired earth moving machines to contractors both local and foreign to augment their fleet.

Our area of operation has mainly been in the Greater Accra Region. Our Focus is to provide secure litigation-free titled lands to individuals and institutions, build comfortable dream houses, undertake quality construction services in the areas of roads, drains, bridges, pavements and, as well, supply gravels, stones and sand


We exist to open the doors of opportunity by empowering low-and-middle-income earners to benefit from decent accommodation as well as serve the high class clients with security of tenure and maximizing returns on clients’ budget through quality and timely construction products and services within the sub-region.


To provide unmatched, innovative, and quality construction services to the public, institutions as well as serene and secure community living in localities of the sub-region.


  • CLIENT FOCUS - Client FOCUS is CORE and/or CENTRAL to who we are and is fundamental to our success. We are in business because of our clients and, our future opportunities and successes depend on ultimate service to our clients. We listen to our clients and provide customized services and solutions that meet their needs. We are passionate about the concern(s) of our clients. We are thereby committed wholeheartedly to satisfy clients’ needs.
  • INTEGRITY – We yearn to be genuine and reliable. Integrity is more than just operating with the boundaries of the Law. It is also about being ethical and exhibiting high sense of morality. As one team member puts it: “not only should it be right, it has to look and feel right”. At ATKADA,
    integrity is about treating people and institutions the way we want to be treated. It is about doing what we say we are going to do and following through. Simply stated, we do the right thing, rightly and always.
  • QUALITY – We assure revolutionary and time-bound services and products with security of tenure. Quality has been and will always be our core differentiator. We have a culture of continuous improvement whereby our collective progress as the Company lies in achieving (success) through the ongoing personal growth of the team members. It is not acceptable to cut
    corners or accept mediocrity or poor performance. It is expected that each ATKADAN team member holds one another accountable for the quality that our clients expect from us. Through teamwork, hardwork and openness to new ideas, we shall continue to be recognized as the leader in quality services and solutions.
  • TEAMWORK – Team members are the life-blood and heartbeat of our Organization. It has always been the combined experiences and efforts of our team members that have made ATKADA stable and successful. Knowing this, we hire only the best (people). Accordingly, we at the same time do everything in our powers to foster a strong and rewarding environment that promotes both professional and personal growth and that includes long-term Company loyalty.
  • PROFESSIONAL EXCELLENCE – We resolve to stand out and be known by industry players and the public at large as comprehensively championing the course of the industry with ethics and being duly recognized by all stakeholders.


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With a continued rise in urbanisation and the growing demand for future proof public infrastructure, our strategy enables us to enrich communities and maximize sustainable outcomes.